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We proudly supply our handpies to some of the best local businesses.
We’d love to welcome you to the Handpie retail team!

A few things first

  • All Island sales and distribution go through ADL Foods and they’d be happy to give you the most up to date information about available flavour varieties, delivery options and pricing at (902) 888-5000.
    Our ADL order codes are:
    26460 – BBQ Pulled Pork
    26461 – Bacon Cheeseburger
    26462 – Chicken Pot Pie
    26463 – PEI Pasty (like a beef stew)
    26467 – Beet, Corn & Goat Cheese (vegetarian)
    26468 – Curried Chickpea (vegetarian)
    26295 – Chicken & Broccoli
    26298 – Pork Tourtiere
    26299 – Cheesy Potato & Onion (vegetarian)
    26300 – Braised Beef & Mozzarella
    26320 – Taco (ground beef)
    26334 – Spicy Black Bean (vegetarian)
  • We’re now running our CFIA licensed production facility in Borden-Carleton, and would love to hear from you if you are interested in stocking our products in your Maritime-based store! Please email Admin@handpie.ca or give us a call at (902)729-7437 for further information.

Frozen retail

The bulk of our wholesale Handpies are sold in retail environments as individually packaged frozen comfort food solutions, and are shipped in 10-pack cases of a single flavour. These cases are highly attractive and also double as merchandisers, keeping your handpies organized and visible with a tearaway panel for front access.

Hot service retail

We are proud to work with local businesses, breweries and taprooms wanting to provide hot handpie service in their establishments! Helping you to provide your customers with portable comfort food on the go is absolutely what we do.
Get in touch with us with all of your questions about our Pies & Pints program.

Suggested equipment includes:

  • Certified kitchen space
  • Storage freezer for stock
  • Commercial convection oven for baking
  • Heated pastry display cabinet to hold prepared product for up to 3 hours at 70-75˚F.
  • Optional Handpie Company branded logo bags for serving individual hot handpies!
  • You got this

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