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Our Story

The Handpie Company was founded in 2017 by Chef Sarah Bennetto O’Brien with a mission to make handheld comfort food for fueling epic Island adventures.

Using excellent local ingredients, our highly skilled culinary team make delicious savoury pies with a nod to the traditional Cornish Pasty — originating from the UK’s West Country. And we’ve made a bit of a name for ourselves in the process.

Located in Albany, Prince Edward Island, the Handpie Company manufactures handpies for frozen sales and distribution throughout the province while proudly operating a small takeout/take-home retail shop onsite. Visitors to the retail shop are treated with views into the production facility while they select their purchase from a display of freshly baked handpies and/or our extensive assortment of frozen Take & Bake options.

These days handpies can be found across PEI in grocery store frozen food aisles (well, the freezers in the aisles), two awesome taprooms, and a couple of full service rural gas stations that really keep communities thriving all year ’round. Check out our “Where to Buy” tab for the interactive map!

Want to join the pie squad? Check out the “Work With Us” link here or at the bottom of this page for the finer details.

Love local

We’re proud to use local meat, wheat, potatoes and butter in our handpies. Choosing local ingredients wherever possible keeps our products delicious as well as doing our part to build a sustainable food community here on Prince Edward Island, where we are so proud to live and operate.

  • Frequently asked questions

Gluten Free?

Unfortunately due to the high levels of airborne flour in our production facility we are unable to manufacture gluten free items. This ultimately means that all of our products contain gluten.

Shipping off the island?

At this time we are only certified for sales and distribution within our Province. We are in the process of building another production facility where we will be able to achieve the certifications required to ship to Maritime retailers by the winter of 2023/2024!

Online ordering

We are proud to have an awesome online shop where you can buy at your leisure and arrange for a curbside pickup time slot. We don’t offer home delivery but welcome you to have a friend pickup your prepaid order for you!

How big are the handpies?

Each handpie is made to be a single serving portion, weighing in at just over half a pound. Nutritional and ingredient information can be found here.

Can we eat there?

We don’t have any indoor dining space or customer washroom facilities at our retail location, but we do proudly offer picnic tables on our large front lawn for seasonal use.

How do we bake up the frozen handpies at home?

Each frozen handpie has the cooking instruction label on the back of the package, but the regular savoury handpies take 40min at 425 degrees from frozen. Always bake our handpies from frozen!
Air fryer guidelines are: 375 degrees for about 17-19 minutes, until a deep golden colour. Always preheat your air fryer!

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